The Role of Hysteroscopy in Diagnosis and Management of Cervical Lesions

  • Mykhailo MedvedievEmail author


For many years, the role of hysteroscopy in evaluating diseases of the cervix and, especially, cervical canal, has been very limited. This was due to the need for probing the uterus and the subsequent dilation of the cervix. With the advent of the vaginoscopic approach and office hysteroscopy, there has been a significant breakthrough in understanding the structure and functioning of the cervical canal, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases located in this anatomical structure. This chapter provides a brief overview of cervical lesions.


Hysteroscopy Cervical canal Cervical lesions Cervical polyps Cervical myoma Cervical stump Nabothian cyst Cervical stenosis IUD Endocervical septum 


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