New Environments: Rethinking Ethics in an Era of Technological Changes

  • Adriano FabrisEmail author
Part of the Ethics of Science and Technology Assessment book series (ETHICSSCI, volume 46)


The paper analyses how the meaning of the word “environment” has grown in common language due to the birth of artificial environments resulting from technological developments. The analysis focuses on information and communication technologies (ICTs). The environments in which human beings live and with which they interact are many, including natural, cultural, and artificial environments. This implies the need to find an adequate relationship among them and often the necessity to privilege one over the others. The paper concludes that ethics, understood as the discipline that justifies the principles of good choices, is in need of a radical reconception today, as its goal is not only to provide the criteria for the good choice in one environment, but rather within the variety of environments in which we live.


Environment Information Communication Technologies Ethics 


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  1. 1.Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge, Centre for Research on Communication (CiCo)Università di PisaPisaItaly

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