Assessing Drivers for Telecom Service Experience—Insights from Social Media

  • Arpan Kumar KarEmail author
  • Kanupriya GoyalEmail author
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In current times, the telecommunications industries are one of the tremendous factors to increase the economy, more so on the developing country like India. The telecom industry is one of the interesting industries to study, not only due to its technological development and its policies but also due to the high rate of development of this industry over the past few years and a significant factor to increase economy of the nation. Customer loyalty has become an important factor for both manufacturers and service providers in increasing competition for customers in today’s customer-centred era. The present study aims to understand the factors affecting customer loyalty. The findings indicated that information security, customer support, and responsiveness have a positive relationship between customer loyalty. Data are collected from 4 lakh tweets from Twitter by using popular hashtags and @ mention of telecommunication firms in Twitter. Topic modelling and sentiment mining were done on these tweets. The statistical analysis indicated that responsiveness, information security, and customer support play a significant factor for customer loyalty in the telecommunication industry.


Telecommunication Twitter analytics Social media analytics Customer loyalty User-generated content 


Source of Funding

This research is funded by the SEED Division of DST, Ministry of Science and Technology of India, Government of India, [SP/YO/048/2017(C)].


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