On Security of Opportunistic Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Archana SharmaEmail author
  • Yashwant Singh
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With the passage of time, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) gain importance and have become one of the most fascinating areas of research in the past few years. Reliable and efficient data routing, that helps the data to reach its destination, remains the bottom line of research problem. Hence, various routing protocols are developed which are based on different parameters. But opportunistic routing has fascinated many researchers these days because of its broadcasting nature that makes it more efficient than the old routing methods. However, while routing in this sensor network the loss of data takes place because of its security lack. Therefore, security is also a challenging issue with the routing of WSN. This paper presents an overview of the WSN, its architecture, applications of WSN in different fields presented. An overview of the security aspect of routing in WSN is given. Finally, a comparison of different security methods of opportunistic routing is also presented.


Wireless sensor networks Routing protocol Opportunistic routing Security 


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