Ultrasound Diagnosis of Non-melanoma Skin Cancer and Malignant Melanoma

  • Robert L. BardEmail author
  • Ximena Wortsman


Nowadays, ultrasound is an integral part of dermatologic clinical evaluation of skin cancer. The literature has demonstrated excellent ultrasound and histological correlation of the tumoral depth. Furthermore, ultrasound-guided biopsies and treatments are usually cost effective and can reduce morbidity. Almost pathognomonic ultrasound signs have been reported in basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer in human beings. The depth of melanoma can be measured by ultrasound, which can provide a sonographic Breslow that has shown very good correlations with the histological depth. On color Doppler, the level of tumoral vascularity can also be detected and commonly correlates well with the neoplastic angiogenesis. Lastly, ultrasound supports the detection of the satellite, in-transit, and nonpalpable locoregional metastases.


Non-melanoma skin cancer Image guidance Ultrasound-guided treatment Malignant melanoma Sentinel node biopsy Dermatologic ultrasound Skin cancer ultrasound 


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