Subtalar Joint Arthritis: Treatment and Arthroscopic Lateral Procedure

  • Yoshiharu Shimozono
  • John G. KennedyEmail author
  • James W. Stone


Subtalar arthrodesis is appropriate treatment for patients with subtalar joint arthritis unresponsive to nonoperative treatment. Traditionally performed using open techniques, arthroscopic subtalar arthrodesis has gained popularity. The procedure has been shown to yield excellent outcomes, and may be associated with higher fusion rates, shorter time to healing, and fewer complications compared to open surgery. The arthroscopic procedure may be performed using either a lateral or a posterior approach to the subtalar joint. The lateral procedure can be performed using a 2-portal approach in the sinus tarsi with a low risk of neurovascular injuries or other complications.


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  • Yoshiharu Shimozono
    • 1
  • John G. Kennedy
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    Email author
  • James W. Stone
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  2. 2.Medical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA

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