The Santos – Guarujá Bridge over Santos Channel

  • Marcelo Waimberg
  • Fernando StucchiEmail author
  • Fabio Prado
  • Matheus Marquese
Conference paper
Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 11)


The main bridge of the new highway connecting the cities of Santos and Guarujá, in São Paulo state, Brazil, will comprise three arch bridges spanning 335 m, 400 m and 335 m respectively. The arches will be constructed over the 1.000 m wide Santos Port channel, the largest port in Latin America, with pre-assembled steel trusses bolted together in a balanced cantilever sequence to form three steel arches, which, after concrete placing, will form the steel reinforcement of the concrete arches. Concrete columns will be erected over the arches and two prestressed concrete box girders, one for each traffic way, will be incrementally launched from both edges of the arches. Foundation of the arches is designed as 2 m diameter drilled shafts with 7 m rock socket. Access spans to the main bridge will be built with balanced cantilever box girders and precast I girders.


Arch bridge Steel truss Drilled shafts 


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