New Span Range on Modular Bridges – The Arch Relevance

  • António AndréEmail author
  • Inês Ferraz
  • Hugo Coelho
  • José Fernandes
  • Pedro Pacheco
Conference paper
Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 11)


The present paper describes the relevance of the arch on the new modular bridge solution developed by MBSbyBERD to reach a new range of spans. Modular Steel Bridges are commonly used for the rapid reestablishment of interrupted roads and to a range of spans up to 60 m, and rarely for spans up to 90 m. In this last case there are few solutions available on the market and no longer than 90 m.

Designed to be pre-assembled and containerized in order to minimize assembly time, a long modular bridge LMB-120 has been developed to cover spans from 80 m up to 120 m.

The comparative analysis between solutions with or without the arch are introduced in this paper. Ultimate and service limits states were considered for launching and service phases.


Modular bridges Steel bridges Arch bridges 


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