Nanomaterials: A Promising Tool for Drug Delivery

  • Priyanka Kumari
  • Suaib Luqman
  • Abha MeenaEmail author
Part of the Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World book series (ECSW, volume 39)


Nanotechnology is an ingenious approach that has potential utilization in the drug delivery system. Presently, many of the natural or synthetic nanomaterials are under investigation for their potential to be used as drug delivery tools. Nanomaterials have also shown potential impeding interest in overcoming new/existing drug problems like low solubility, bioavailability, target specificity, toxicity, stability, side effects, and early-stage degradation. In this chapter, we have discussed how nanomaterials act as a prospective tool in overcoming such precincts and their role in different therapies and drug delivery approaches. In addition, a list of the nanomaterials which are or could be used as a drug delivery tool is also mentioned along with the selected success stories besides certain limitations. In the end, the challenges faced by nanomaterials in biomedical science have also been pointed out.


Drug carrier Nanomaterial Cancer therapy Drug delivery 



We are grateful to the director of CSIR (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants), Lucknow, for rendering essential facilities required for the experimental work and literature. PK acknowledges the University Grants Commission (UGC) for fellowship.


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