Everyday Experiences of Victimisation Against Disabled People

  • David Wilkin
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The core of the data from the victims of disability hate offences and hostility are presented within this chapter. Techniques of abuse are revealed along with the immediate reactions of the victims. What becomes clear in this chapter is the exhaustion which victims suffer preventing them from engaging with the abuser and wanting to flee the scene. The everyday nature of the abuse becomes evident. Not only is there simply no point in retaliating to these events, but often there is little point in reporting these incidents either. Successful responses to reporting are rare. The reaction of fellow passengers when abuse occurs is of interest. Often onlookers ignore the obvious plight of the victim. Moreover, in many cases, fellow passengers are known to collaborate in the abuse. How staff manage these incidents may be crucial. The attitude and actions of staff members during these incidents are also brought to light.


Techniques of abuse Everyday abuse Exhaustion Reporting Onlookers Collaboration 


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