Dental Implant and Oral Diseases

  • Xing-ying Qi
  • Lei Sui
  • Wei-qing Liu


Dental implant recipients often have other oral diseases such as head and neck (H&N) cancer, Sjögren’s syndrome (SS), or oral lichen planus (OLP) that may compromise implant treatment. Surgical resection of H&N cancer often results in critical defect in available residual bone, and radiotherapy may lead to implant failure. Bone grafting reconstruction and zygomatic or short implants were suggested when planning the implant insertion. At the same time, optimizing the dose and frequency of radiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as locally administering growth factors could help to reduce implant failure. As a chronic autoimmune disease, Sjögren’s syndrome patients may lose their teeth early due to destructive dental caries and/or periodontal problems. Implant treatment is preferred to restore these missing teeth when compared to conventional removable partial denture. However, xerostomia-diminished quality and quantity of saliva may influence the implant osseointegration. When it comes to oral lichen planus, comprehensive preoperative evaluation of the patient and close postoperative monitor of OLP clinical evolution are recommended. Surgical strategies and restorative considerations along with prosthesis maintenance are discussed in detail in this chapter as follows.


Dental implant Head and neck cancer Sjögren’s syndrome Oral lichen planus 


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