Video Laryngoscopes in Thoracic Surgery

  • Mohamed El Tahan
  • Antonio Villalonga


Videolaryngoscopes play important roles in patients with potential difficult airway who are undergoing thoracic surgery in terms of placement of a double-lumen endobronchial tubes or a bronchial blocker either through or alongside the lumen of the endotracheal tubes. There are several types of videolaryngoscopes are available commercially. They could be classified as those with angulated, channelled or video-stylet blades. Each of them has its unique characteristics and tricks for use. Video laryngoscopes are also described for awake endobronchial intubation in patients undergoing thoracic procedures.


Video laryngoscopes Angulates Channelled Video stylets Endobronchial intubation Double lumen tubes Bronchial blockers Awake intubation 


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