Interventional Bronchology

  • Enrique De Casimiro Calabuig
  • Jose Vicente Cuchillo Sastriques
  • Enrique Cases-Viedma
  • Joaquín Moreno-Pachón
  • José Tatay Vivó


Invasive pneumology is a subdiscipline of pneumology, orientated towards the least invasive means of investigating the respiratory tract, pulmonary parenchyma and pleura; objectively trying to diagnose and treat the different possible pathologies present.

The number of innovative invasive pneumological techniques are on the rise, providing their own anaesthetic implications including shared airways and the ability to perform the procedure outside of the operating theatre. Additionally, techniques attempt to confront the high number of preoperative respiratory risks, such as haemoptysis, intrinsic and extrinsic obstructions or chronic respiratory pathologies among others.

This chapter presents procedures for the occupation of the respiratory tract, with a proposal for anaesthetic procedures.


Flexible bronchoscopy Rigid bronchoscopy Sedation Anaesthesia Laryngeal mask 


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