Simple Bone Cyst



A simple bone cyst (SBC) is an intramedullary, usually unilocular cystic cavity filled with serous or serosanguineous fluid and lined by a membrane of variable thickness, with greater incidence in males than in females (2 or 3:1). The first two decades of life account for 80% of cases. SBC has a predilection for the proximal humerus (50%), proximal femur (25%), and proximal tibia. Radiologically, it is a well-outlined metaphysiodiaphyseal lucency that is centrally and symmetrically located; it expands, thins, and scallops the cortices. The lesion is not wider than the epiphyseal plate. Histologically, the inner lining of the cyst consists of connective tissue with foci of immature bone trabeculae. The bone marrow spaces are rich in dilated, hyperemic capillaries. Fibrinous deposits are often seen. Treatment is multiple needle aspiration of the fluid of the cyst, and injection of methylprednisolone to promote healing of the lesion.


Tumor-like lesion of bone Bone Aneurysmal bone cyst Simple bone cyst Fibrous dysplasia 

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