• Ross Anthony
  • Uta Ruppert
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The afterword offers a final reflection on the chapters and how they relate to the concept of transregionalisation outlined in the introduction. The authors highlight the importance of both real and imaginary forms of transregionalisation, as well as the interface between large-scale structures and the often unpredictable social and cultural dynamics which are partially contained by them (such as migration and various forms of locally lived experience). The analytical challenge of viewing both these forms as coexistent and interrelated, is highlighted. While the authors stress the importance of not privileging the global over the local, or vice versa, they also acknowledge how these two analytical lenses do not easily speak to each other. This lack of easy translatability points towards a more complex reality in which numerous discourses intersect, be they at the level of the subject, community, institution, nation-state or region.


Africa Asia Global Local Scale Space Transregionalisation 

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