Sleeve Gastrectomy Complications

  • Gurdeep S. Matharoo
  • Grace A. Lepis


Sleeve gastrectomy has become the most popular bariatric surgery in the world. The relative ease of the procedure is appealing to both the surgeon and the patient. The procedures are being performed with overall great results. There are, however, complications that arise which require prompt diagnosis and proper management. In this chapter, postoperative complications of hemorrhage, stricture, reflux, esophageal cancer, and staple line leak will be discussed. Although the operation is done by many surgeons across the world, experience with complications can be low as most patients have a successful postoperative course. The lack of experience in management of complications can lead to failing to rescue a patient. As such, diagnosis of these complications and best practice management are imperative parts of the bariatric surgeons’ armamentarium.


Sleeve gastrectomy Bariatric surgery Sleeve gastrectomy hemorrhage Gastric stricture GERD esophageal cancer Staple line leak Total gastrectomy 


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