No Man Is an Island, December 1938–December 1940

  • Gilbert H. Muller


Hemingway’s brief trip to Barcelona in early November had been a sobering experience, finally convincing him that the Spanish Republic might be lost. While on assignment for NANA and composing propagandistic articles for Ken, he had tried his best to defend democratic Spain. He had railed against Fascism and attacked the American and European foreign policies that were turning Spain over to authoritarian invaders. Returning to New York on 24 November, Ernest carried with him deep political dissatisfaction that only intensified when he had to confront his marriage to Pauline and his affair with Martha. Ernest encountered Pauline at the pier when the Normandie docked and together they returned to the rented apartment on East Fiftieth Street where their two sons awaited him. An uneasy truce prevailed until the end of the month when the lease expired.

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