The Carnival of Treachery, June–November 1938

  • Gilbert H. Muller


Hemingway arrived in New York aboard the Normandie on 30 May 1938.1 It was Memorial Day—an ideal occasion to inform a reporter from the New York Times about his exhausting coverage of Spain’s Civil War on countless fronts. He did not mention the four International Brigade stowaways found aboard the Normandie, whom the Times saw fit to label “Loyalist Army Deserters.”2 Instead, Ernest assured readers of the Times that the Loyalists still had “a good chance of winning.” There were divisions among the international forces assisting Franco; moreover, Franco was short of troops. Ernest predicted that “the war would drag on for some time,” and though he was now returning to Key West in order to write some new short stories and start on a novel, he would return to Spain “if things got hot.”

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