The Time Now, the Place Spain, January–May 1938

  • Gilbert H. Muller


In truth, Hemingway was filled with revolutionary fervor and anxious to leave again for Spain. He also admitted to Max Perkins, “Am in such an unchristly gigantic jam of every bloody kind that it’s practically comic.” From the first day, he had returned to Key West, Ernest missed Martha, his trench buddies, and the excitement of war reporting. Since early January, Martha had been barnstorming the country on behalf of the Spanish Republic. She drew large, frequently overflowing crowds at the University of Minnesota on 7 January; the Des Moines Women’s Club on 19 January; the War Memorial in St. Louis on 29 January. In St. Louis, while being interviewed by a local reporter, Martha mentioned that famous writers including Ernest Hemingway had gone to Spain to defend the Republic. She predicted that if Franco was not stopped in Spain, there would be a world war.

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