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Part of the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook book series (EMTY, volume 42)


This resource lists journals and other resources of interest to practitioners, researchers, students, and others concerned with educational technology and educational media. The primary goal of this section is to list current publications in the field. The majority of materials cited here were published in 2016 or mid-2018. Media-related journals include those listed in past issues of EMTY, as well as new entries in the field. A thorough list of journals in the educational technology field was for the 2016 edition using Ulrich’s Periodical Index Online and journal websites. This chapter is not intended to serve as a specific resource location tool, although it may be used for that purpose in the absence of database access. Rather, readers are encouraged to peruse the categories of interest in this chapter to gain an idea of recent developments within the field. For archival purposes, this chapter serves as a snapshot of the field of instructional technology publications in 2014. Readers must bear in mind that technological developments occur well in advance of publication and should take this fact into consideration when judging the timeliness of resources listed in this chapter.

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