RecogApp - Web and Mobile Application to Recognition Support

  • André EstevesEmail author
  • João JesusEmail author
  • Ângela OliveiraEmail author
  • Filipe FidalgoEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1026)


Over time, with the advancement of technology and the number of devices increasing to be launched in the market, namely smartphones, tablets, hybrids and laptops, it is essential to have advances in digital security and in forms of authentication. These forms of authentication have become increasingly. This article presents a system consisting of a web platform and a mobile application for android, with the objective of supporting researchers in the development, improvement and testing of facial recognition and iris recognition algorithms. This system will store large quantities of images sent voluntarily, obeying the particularities of studies defined by researchers to which users adhere, these images are taken in environments with different characteristics, considering several accessories and in several places, in order to increase the number of cases of possible analyzes for development and/or use of recognition algorithms.


People recognition Image database Images collection 


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  2. 2.DiSAC – R&D Unit in Digital Services, Applications and ContentCastelo BrancoPortugal

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