A Review of the Risk Perception of Construction Workers in Construction Safety

  • Siu Shing ManEmail author
  • Jacky Yu Ki Ng
  • Alan Hoi Shou Chan
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This research reviews the empirical studies on the risk perception of construction workers from January 2010 to April 2019. Results show that the risk perception of construction workers is an important construct in understanding their behavior at work. Previous studies have attempted to assess the cognitive risk perception of construction workers but have overlooked the affective risk perception of construction workers. These studies have also failed to report the content, convergent, discriminant, and criterion-related validity tests when they measured the construction workers’ risk perception. These validity tests are vital for developing a valid scale because relevant literature lacks a psychometrically sound instrument, which measures the risk perception of construction workers. Further efforts are necessary to develop a reliable and valid scale for quantifying both the cognitive and affective risk perception of construction workers.


Construction safety Construction worker Risk perception 


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  • Alan Hoi Shou Chan
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