Bernstein’s Return to the Party

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Vorwärts, 25 December 1918

Vorwärts, 25 December 1918

Comrade Eduard Bernstein has completed his re-entry into the party, as we have already reported, with the following letter, which he addressed to the executive of our Schöneberg voters’ association:

Honoured comrade Bäumler!

I have been convinced since the first day of the Revolution that only through honest collaboration between all social democrats can the new Republic of Germany be assured the healthy development it needs to keep our economic life in service, and to guarantee success and durability to far-reaching socialist measures for the benefit of the working people. I have also concluded from yesterday’s events that the two social-democratic factions’ existing relationship towards one another is only an inadequate prerequisite for such collaboration, so I find myself induced to take for my own person the first step towards a firmer alliance. Without dissolving my ties to Independent Social Democracy, I am also registering as a member with your party, and I request that you kindly pass this registration to the treasurer of your membership.

With a socialist greeting,

Schöneberg, 23 December.      Eduard Bernstein.

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