A New Atlantic World

  • Niels Eichhorn


By the time of the Great War, the Atlantic world was a different place from over a century ago. Explorers, settlers, travelers, revolutionaries, and ideologues created new interconnected Atlantic worlds and brought myths about various regions to a wide variety of people. Among the greatest mythologies of the late nineteenth century was the US West and nobody perpetuated this myth better and more permanently than William Frederick Cody. Cody brought something never seen before, but much anticipated and desired, to Europe when he penned the words above. His Wild West Show had a major impact on the United States. Cody sought out any opportunity to present his innovative form of entertainment. Thus, in 1893, when Chicago illustrated its desire to become equivalent to Paris with its massive urban renewal by hosting the World’s Columbian Exposition, or better known as the White City, showing its embrace of ancient architectural styles, Cody’s show came to perform.


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