Computational Analysis of the Flow Around a Surface Combatant at \(10^\circ \) Static Drift

  • M. VisonneauEmail author
  • E. Guilmineau
  • G. Rubino
Conference paper
Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design book series (NNFM, volume 143)


This paper presents a local and global computational study of the flow around the US Navy frigate DTMB 5415 at \(10^\circ \) static drift configuration. A thorough validation study comparing isotropic \(k-\omega \) SST, non linear anisotropic EARSM statistical closures and the unsteady hybrid RANS-LES DES-SST model is conducted. This validation study includes detailed global and local comparisons with IIHR (Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research) remarkable TPIV experiments. These validations are conducted on a very fine unstructured grid, which includes local boxes of refinement in the cores of the two main vortices, for a total number of 163M cells.


Static drift Validation study Hybrid RANS-LES 



The computations were performed using HPC resources from GENCI (Grand Equipment National de Calcul Intensif) (Grant2016-2a0209, Grant2017-2a0129), which is gratefully acknowledged. The help of Dr. Hyunse Yoon and Professor Frederick Stern from IIHR, who provided us with these remarkable experiments at an early stage of this work, is warmly acknowledged.


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