Management of Complications of Bariatric Operations

  • Aftab Jafri
  • Emanuele Lo Menzo
  • Samuel Szomstein
  • Raul J. RosenthalEmail author


Bariatric operations are highly effective at achieving significant weight loss and improvement in comorbidities associated with obesity. Along with the increased number of operations, complications will increase. In this chapter, we discuss complications encountered after the most common bariatric operations. Complications should be expected to be seen more frequently as the number of patients who undergo weight loss surgery rise. It is therefore important for general surgeons to have an understanding of the common bariatric procedures and their complications.


Gastric bypass Gastric sleeve Anastomotic leak Gastric stenosis Morbid obesity Marginal ulcers 


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  • Emanuele Lo Menzo
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  • Samuel Szomstein
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  • Raul J. Rosenthal
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