Radiation Therapy for Oncologic Spine Pain

  • Brent D. Cameron
  • Christien A. Kluwe
  • Albert AttiaEmail author


Spinal metastases are a common occurrence for many cancer patients. They can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms related to the spinal levels involved and have a significant impact on quality of life. External beam radiotherapy is a safe – often very effective – treatment modality for oncologic spine pain. In this chapter, clinical evaluation of patients with spinal metastases will be discussed along with indications for treatment and various approaches with radiation therapy. The evidence base for both traditional external beam radiotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiotherapy is also explored with examples of both treatment modalities. Finally, future developments in the role of radiotherapy in the management of oncologic spine pain are examined, including a brief discussion of the timing and role of systemic agents concurrently with radiotherapy.


Radiation SBRT SRS EBRT 3D conformal therapy IMRT Palliation 


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