The Helping Process

  • Emmanuel Janagan Johnson
  • Camille L. Huggins
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Conceptually, the casework process has separate and different stages that follow the other in sequence but sometimes, two or more stages proceed simultaneously. Aspects of the casework process are the interview, the client-worker relationship, the assessment of the problem(s), the intervention, termination and evaluation. A client will change with the gathering of more data through the interview and assessment. The helping process occurs during the interview through the termination some kind of help may be rendered even at the first worker -client contact. This chapter will define the casework process, including all the components (e.g., interview, observation, client-worker relationship, assessment, intervention, termination and evaluation) and how they all work together in helping the client.


Interview Verbal and non-verbal communication Observation Worker client relationship Rapport Data collection 


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  • Emmanuel Janagan Johnson
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  • Camille L. Huggins
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