Section Introduction: The Ethics of Organizational Neuroscience

  • Joé T. MartineauEmail author
  • Eric Racine
Part of the Advances in Neuroethics book series (AIN)


Organizational neuroscience is a recent area of research. Given the enthusiasm of researchers and organizations themselves, the main focus and efforts of the last 15 years have been invested in the development of research and its applications. Ethical as well as critical views on this research have remained marginal. We believe this first book on organizational neuroethics provides an opportunity to step back and reflect on the past and current organizational neuroscience research and applications, their promises, as well as the ethical issues and methodological limitations they raise. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the future of organizational neuroscience and on how it is possible to promote its development in the most ethical way and how to overcome identified limitations. This is the main topic of the first part of this book.

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