Laparoscopic One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass: History of the Procedure Surgical Technique and Outcomes

  • Helmuth T. Billy
  • Moataz M. Bashah
  • Ryan Fairley


One anastomosis gastric bypass has grown rapidly in popularity. The operation has gained acceptance worldwide and not surprisingly may become the primary bariatric operation utilized in the surgical treatment of obesity in many countries. Increasing numbers of prospective and randomized studies demonstrate a consistently low complication and mortality rate. Many published series demonstrate favorable short-term and long-term outcomes including reliable and consistent weight loss, comorbidity resolution, and low incidence of malnutrition.

There are now hundreds of prospective studies demonstrating the safety and efficacy of one anastomosis gastric bypass procedures. With the increasing publication of prospective and randomized studies confirming the initial conclusions of the many prospective publications, it appears that one anastomosis gastric bypass will establish itself as a valuable and useful operative procedure in the long-term treatment of morbid obesity and its associated comorbid conditions. This chapter will present the history of the one anastomosis gastric bypass, discuss optimal surgical technique, and review some of the controversies which have contributed to its delayed adoption in the United States as a primary bariatric operation.


Mini gastric bypass One anastomosis gastric bypass Single anastomosis gastric bypass Omega loop gastric bypass MGB OAGB SAGB Loop gastric bypass Bile reflux 


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