History of Quality Assurance in Vietnamese Higher Education

  • Huong Thi PhamEmail author
  • Cuong Huu Nguyen


Vietnam is one of the countries which do not have a tradition of education evaluation and accreditation until 2003 with the establishment of the General Department of Educational Testing and Accreditation. Since then, various approaches and attempts have been made to develop QA systems in Vietnam. This chapter will outline quality assurance in Vietnam education after almost fifteen years of development into three major subsections: historical developments, present developments, and future implication. By highlighting the key stages and achievements in the development of the QA system in the country as well as comparing the developments of Vietnamese QA with other countries in the same region, the chapter will dwell on academic discussion about the future development of quality assurance and accreditation in the country.


Quality assurance in Vietnam Historical developments Present developments Future implication 


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