Management of Endocarditis

  • Janek Manoj Senaratne
  • Sean van DiepenEmail author


Infective endocarditis most commonly affects patients with structural heart disease or select sociodemographic risk factors. The Modified Duke Criteria are recommended to establish a diagnosis of endocarditis. Medical treatment consists of early empiric broad spectrum antibiotics followed by therapy tailored to the individual organism’s sensitivity. Patients with complicated or medically refractory endocarditis may also require surgical intervention. This chapter focuses on the diagnosis, suggested antimicrobial therapy, and indications for emergent surgical intervention. Controversial aspects of management including timing of surgery, neuroimaging in infective endocarditis, and management of patients with cerebral embolic strokes are also reviewed.


Infective endocarditis Modified Duke criteria Echocardiography Antimicrobial therapy Cardiac surgery Embolic stroke Endocarditis prophylaxis 


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