Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Critical REEs and Special Metals from WEEE

  • Muammer Kaya
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Rare-earth and/or critical metals are one of the most valuable and neglected part of e-waste. Hydrometallurgical recovery methods of rare earth and critical metals from magnet scraps, fluorescent lamps, CRTs, LCDs, lion batteries, PV cells, and solar panels are broadly presented in this chapter. Industrial-scale recovery techniques of Nd, Pr, Dy, Sm, Co, Zr, etc. from magnet scraps; phosphors from lamps and CRTs; In from LCDs; Cd, Te, Sn, In, Ga, etc. from PV cells/solar panels; Pb, glass, and phosphor from CRTs; and Co from Lion rechargeable batteries are briefly presented in this chapter.


Rare-earth elements (REE) Hydrometallurgy Magnet CRT LCD PV Lion battery 


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