Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery (TOLAC), with Uterine Dehiscence and Emergency Cesarean Delivery Under General Anesthesia

  • Thomas L. Archer


A 34-year-old woman, G3P2002 and in labor at term, arrives at Labor & Delivery at 5 cm of cervical dilation. She has no significant non-obstetric medical history. Her first baby had been born by cesarean delivery (CD) because of breech presentation and she had a successful vaginal birth after cesarean delivery (VBAC) with her second child (L-1). With this pregnancy, she had been told to come to the hospital as soon as her contractions started, but there has been a delay and she has already been laboring for an hour by the time she arrives. The obstetric staff admits her rapidly and explains that the anesthesiologist will see her shortly to start her epidural (L-2). The nursing staff places her IV cannula, draws blood samples for a complete blood count and type and crossmatch and then connects her IV tubing.


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