A Patient Delivers Vaginally After an Eclamptic Seizure

  • Thomas L. Archer


A 31-year-old pregnant woman at term, G2P1, is sent from clinic to Labor & Delivery (L&D) because of preeclampsia, with a blood pressure of 180/100, proteinuria, sudden weight gain, a severe frontal headache, and facial swelling. In clinic the week before, her BP had been 118/72 and her earlier blood pressures during pregnancy had all been normal. In the clinic they gave her acetaminophen for her headache, but on arrival in L&D she says that there has been no improvement in her pain.


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    The Eclampsia Checklist 2017 of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is an excellent resource and was a source for the information in Box 11.1. Accessed 8 April 2019 at:

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