College, Marriage, Work, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Birth of a Concern (1910–1924)

  • Jan Rosenberg


This chapter illustrates Rachel’s development as she begins to shed her skin, so to speak, to reveal an individual who was coming into her own as a young adult, a teacher, a wife, and as a spiritual and spirited advocate for peace.

Rachel was the first one in her family to attend college. Her first job after graduation was teaching social studies at Glassboro High School (New Jersey) until 1920 when she joined the American Friends Service Committee to be a general activities volunteer. Through the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Rachel was sent to South Carolina to conduct a site visit to a Quaker school. It was at this time, 1921, that Rachel was exposed to and shaken by Jim Crow Law, and decided through the Concern of eradicating racism, she had found something to devote the entirety of her life to.


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