Intravascular OCT Imaging Artifacts

  • Jennifer E. Phipps
  • Taylor Hoyt
  • David Halaney
  • J. Jacob Mancuso
  • Sahar Elahi
  • Andrew Cabe
  • Mehmet Cilingiroglu
  • Thomas E. Milner
  • Marc D. FeldmanEmail author


This chapter discusses many intravascular imaging artifacts that may be encountered when interpreting OCT images from coronary arteries in the clinic or in research settings. All OCT artifacts originate in either the propagation of light in the vessel lumen, signal acquisition or polar-to-rectangular conversion. When these artifacts are recognized and understood, OCT image interpretation can become much more accurate.


Light attenuation artifacts Catheter location or movement artifacts Stent artifacts 


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  • Andrew Cabe
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  7. 7.University of Texas – AustinAustinUSA

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