Acquisition Protocols and Image Interpretation Criteria Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Infectious Diseases

  • Alberto SignoreEmail author
  • Elena Lazzeri
  • Chiara Lauri


Imaging infections with radiolabeled WBC requires precise strategies in order to differentiate them from sterile inflammatory conditions. Indeed, radiolabeled neutrophil, when injected into peripheral veins, has a peculiar biodistribution characterized by a short transit through the lungs (usually 30–60 min), followed by rapid accumulation into liver, spleen, and bone marrow with slow migration into infection sites. This migration process is slower in chronic, low-degree infections and faster in acute, high-degree infections, and it is believed that it is driven by the local production of chemotactic factors.

As a consequence of this biodistribution pattern, the imaging modalities, time of image acquisition, image display, and interpretation criteria should be standardized.

In this chapter, we describe the correct procedures as recently published as EANM guidelines.


Imaging modality Radiolabeled WBC Interpretation criteria 


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