Problems of Heat Transfer Modelling in Cooling Systems of Earthmoving Machinery

  • Stanisław KwaśniowskiEmail author


In working machinery with an internal combustion drive, about 60% of the energy released in the combustion process is converted into heat and is discharged directly into the environment (with exhaust gases) or indirectly through the cooling system of the power unit [8, 9, 10]. The efficiency of the cooling system and the temperature level of the media interposing the heat transfer determine the correct operation of the machine. These parameters are particularly important in extreme operating conditions, e.g. starting the machine in severe winter conditions or operating the machine in a tropical climate. The answer to relevant questions about the thermal state of individual units can be obtained through simulation studies of heat transfer dynamics on the experimentally verified mathematical models. The paper presents the idea of using calculation models in the form of systems of ordinary, non-linear differential equations, in which the MATLAB–SIMULINK package was used.


Industrial machines and vehicles Cooling systems Dynamics of heat exchange Temperature simulations in complex structures 


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