Part III: The Public Health Service and the Responsibilities of State Health Departments

  • Rudolf Ramm
Part of the Philosophy and Medicine book series (PHME, volume 135)


At the time of the Machtuebergreifung, the public health service was completely splintered and its responsibilities were distributed among numerous disconnected authorities. As a consequence of this administrative weakness, despite their absolute importance, there was no centralization of Volk health activities. In addition to a state health system, there were municipal departments in cities, Districts, Territories, multiple insurance carriers and also numerous private organizations of Reich committees which pretended to serve Volk health, but in fact hindered the health system through the pursuit of their own selfish goals. Much of this occurred because of the struggle for power and not from striving to improve health; the weakening of the Volk and the disregard of its health-related problems were evident. Before fundamental changes could be carried out in this regard, all power of the Public Health Service, all existing organizations and all Reich committees had to be brought together and legalized according to a unified goal.

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