Case 1: Dealing with Organisational Strategies in the Tanzanian-Chinese Chalinze Water Project

  • Christian Martin Boness
Part of the Palgrave Studies in African Leadership book series (PSAL)


This chapter deals with a Tanzanian-Chinese water project that is under construction. For the Chinese, the project combines aid with trade by supplying the regional population with healthy drinking water. One of the aims of Chinese strategy in Tanzania is to become the top supplier of healthy water and sanitation. So, for the Chinese, the project can be called an “economic aid project”. However, the Tanzanian employees are uncomfortable with the information policy of the Chinese management as well as that of the communal authorities. They feel uncertain of the aims and strategy of the Chinese management and try to overcome this lack of information. Additionally, Tanzanians fear that the water will be sold and not distributed to the local community. Both sides work on a more transparent information policy in the organisation, between the communal government and the organisation and an improved public relation with the customers of healthy water and sanitation in the region.


Aid and trade Tanzanian survival values Uncertainty avoidance Communal interaction 


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