Endoscopic Best Practices

  • H. Mason Hedberg
  • Michael UjikiEmail author


Endoscopy has utility before, during, and after bariatric surgery and may present opportunity for primary obesity treatment. Some patients and procedures necessitate preoperative endoscopic evaluation, while its routine screening may not be necessary. Intraoperative endoscopy can be performed to evaluate the new surgical anatomy, but there is evidence provocative leak testing is not justified. A variety of complications, such as bleeding and stricture, can be successfully diagnosed and often treated endoscopically in the postoperative period.

Several primary endoscopic bariatric procedures have become available in recent decades. Taken together, they seem to fill a gap in weight loss efficacy between pharmacologic and surgical approaches. Devices can be endoscopically deployed that occupy intragastric space or divert chyme further into the digestive tract similar to a bypass operation. Endoscopic suturing can be used to decrease the volume of the stomach like a sleeve gastrectomy. In the following chapter, use of endoscopy in bariatric surgery and as a means for primary bariatric intervention will be discussed.


Bariatric endoscopy Endoscopic revision Preoperative endoscopy Intraoperative endoscopy Postoperative endoscopy Bariatric surgery Bariatrics Weight loss failure Intragastric balloon Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty Aspiration therapy Duodenal-jejunal bypass sleeve 


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