Potential Applications of Electrolysis for Commercial Hydrogen Production

  • Aneeya Kumar Samantara
  • Satyajit Ratha
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The fossil fuel based energy resources are considered as the primary source of energy for day today requirement. But the limited reserve and carbon emission during the combustion process restricts their use demanding an alternative resource. After numerous research efforts, the researchers have successfully stored solar energy in form of chemical energy, especially in molecular hydrogen (H2). Like oil and natural gases, hydrogen is not energy but stores and carries energy. On the other hand, for ease of use, the online production of H2 remain indispensable. This chapter presents the development in the use of electrolysis for commercial hydrogen production, onsite electrolysis and use of H2 as a clean fuel in vehicles.


Fuel cell Hydrogen Onsite production Electrolyzer Centralized production 


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  • Aneeya Kumar Samantara
    • 1
  • Satyajit Ratha
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  2. 2.School of Basic SciencesIndian Institute of TechnologyBhubaneswarIndia

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