SAGES University MASTERS Program: Colorectal Pathway

  • Daniel B. JonesEmail author
  • Linda Schultz
  • Brian P. Jacob


SAGES University MASTERS Program will offer members ongoing opportunities for performance improvement at all stages of their career. It leverages SAGES educational content to provide surgeons a clear pathway of coursework that progresses along a continuum from a competency curriculum to a proficiency curriculum to a mastery curriculum in eight areas of focus (hernia, flex endo, foregut, biliary, bariatrics, colorectal, robotics, and acute care). Participation is optional, available to SAGES members only, and may be pursued over the course of a career as part of professional Maintenance of Certification. Note: we will certify progression and completion of the educational program; we do not certify the practicing surgeon.


Colon Competency Proficiency Mastery Coaching 


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