Recruiting the Other as Globocop

  • Marilyn Yaquinto


Chapter 9 is about enlisting the female and multicultural Other in the global War on Terror, including Vin Diesel’s XXX sagas that transform his former criminality into a patriotic rogue who vanquishes international threats. The remainder of the chapter examines two female CIA agents, the first is Maya in Zero Dark Thirty, and the second is Carrie Mathison in Homeland. Their representations often engage comparisons with Bauer’s hypermasculinity, underscoring how their “difference” plays out in matters of national security. While Maya is devoid of a personal life, Mathison is plagued by mental illness, troubling links to motherhood, and issues with trust and intimacy. Both are effective agents who are often able to perform the nation, offering more progressive representations than most previous iterations, despite the customary gender-based limitations.

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