Female Crimefighters Defending the Homefront

  • Marilyn Yaquinto


Chapter  5 examines female cops and crimefighters (in and out of uniform), who still face obstacles in the hyper-masculine environment of law enforcement. Films under review include Betrayed, Impulse, and The Long Kiss Goodnight, along with pioneering TV roles that allowed experimentation, including the groundbreaking Cagney & Lacey. More complex roles followed in shows such as Third Watch, along with series that featured a female lead, including SVU, still in production. The chapter ends with a profile of the 2017 TV mini-series, Shots Fired, with two African American crimefighters exploring the shooting of a white youth by a black cop in a small, southern town. Sanaa Lathan plays a conflicted and competent investigator, although her character is still hamstrung by the stereotypical troubled mom trope.

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