Revision Total Elbow Arthroplasty: Complications and Results

  • Raul Barco


In this chapter, we address the current results of revision arthroplasty, its complications, and some of the challenges for the future. Causes for revision include loosening, infection, instability, and component failure. In a recent systematic review addressing the outcomes of revision TEA, the results were better for the linked implant as shown by the Mayo Elbow Performance Score (MEPS), extension deficit, arc of flexion-extension, and pronation. Complications were reported at a similar rate (46% for the linked design against 45% for the unlinked one). However, linked prostheses had more reoperations than unlinked implants (26% vs. 20%), the indications being similar. Forty-four percent (44%) of patients suffered at least one complication, the most frequent ones in the order of importance being aseptic loosening (22%), transient nerve symptoms (21%), and periprosthetic fracture (15%). There were 128 reoperations in 116 cases (21.8%) consisting in a second revision in 57% of the cases, followed by a second revision with bone grafting (8%), removal of the prosthesis (22%), cerclage wiring (4%), a cement spacer replacement (4%), and debridement with antibiotics (4%).


Elbow Revision arthroplasty Complications Results 


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