An Introduction to Radiology and Cytopathology Considerations in a Collaborative Biopsy Service

  • Ajit S. Paintal
  • Ritu Nayar
  • Albert A. NemcekJr.


Image-guided procurement of tissue or fluid for diagnostic purposes has become one of the most commonly performed procedures in medicine. Although the focus of this Atlas is cytologic analysis of tissue specimens, we would note that cytologic, biochemical, and microbiologic evaluation of fluids obtained in this manner is similarly important, and for the purposes of this text the term “biopsy” will be assumed to cover both settings.

The basic elements of image-guided biopsy are the following: a lesion or organ is identified as amenable and appropriate for biopsy; a method of imaging guidance is chosen; an approach to the lesion or organ is plotted; needle(s) or other devices are used to obtain tissue or fluid; and the material is processed and reviewed.


Interventional radiology Cytopathology Rapid on site evaluation (ROSE) Adequacy Triage Multidisciplinary FNA Biopsy technique 


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