IEEE-1800-2009/2012 Features

  • Ashok B. Mehta


This chapter describes the new features of the 2009/2012 LRM. In that sense, it is a long chapter. It describes features such as “strong” and “weak” properties, abort system tasks, deferred immediate assertions, and past and future global clock-based sampling functions such as $rose_gclk, $fell_gclk, $rising_gclk, and $falling_gclk. It further covers “followed by” property operators and “always,” “eventually,” “until,” “nexttime,” “case,” as well as $inferred_clock and $inferred_disable. Also covered are “restrict” operator for formal verification, “reject”/“accept” properties, and assertion control tasks.


IEEE 1800-2012 Strong and weak properties Deferred immediate $changed $sampled Global clocking always s_always eventually s_eventually until s_until nexttime case $inferred_clock $inferred_disable Abort properties $assertpasson $assertpasson $assertcontrol 

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