Methodology of Headache Measurement

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  • Lars Jacob Stovner
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This chapter builds on Chap.  6, discussing headache measurement in populations: prevalence estimation and quantification of burden. It describes the HARDSHIP questionnaire, an instrument developed specifically for enquiry into headache prevalence and headache-attributed burden in population-based studies. A very broad base of expert opinion contributed to its evolution and question choice. It has undergone testing in many cultures and settings, 20 countries and 19 languages.

HARDSHIP is a structured questionnaire which may be administered by medical or (more usually) trained lay interviewers. It has a modular design: separate question sets cover demographic characteristics, screen for caseness (headache disorder present or not), diagnose headache type and address each of the several quantifiable components of burden. This design renders it highly amenable to adaptation: any of the burden modules may be included or not, according to study purpose, time constraints, resources available and cultural sensitivities.


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